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Beasts Has Roots in Obama ’08

Before Michael Gottwald, Dan Janvey and Josh Penn were Oscar nominated producers, they were working the ground as grassroots organizers for then Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. While their political persuasions stayed out of the conception and creation of Beasts, they did use their community focused grassroots experience to inform the casting, promotion and outreach on the film….

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GQ Interviews Benh Zeitlin

GQ: What did you learn about Southern Louisiana and Cajun culture that you didn’t expect to uncover? Benh Zeitlin: Cajuns teach fearlessness to their children, which is the opposite of what you experience in the Northeast, where people are raising children in a fear based culture of phrases like, “don’t cross the street alone” and “don’t…

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Open Roof Festival

Last week, Beasts had the honor of closing out the Open Roof Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.  It was a perfect end of summer celebration, complete with live music, drinks, and a soundtrack give-away. Our awesome Canadian outreacher, Sam, was on the scene to observe…

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Watch Party at Sweet Lorraine’s

Our New Orleans watch party at Sweet Lorraine’s was a blast. A huge thank you to Marianna, our amazing outreacher who organized the party with Dwight Henry. There were some incredible highlights, from everyone in the bar chanting “Beast it!” to the cheers whenever group shots with a lot of people from the film were shown….

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Be Nice to Others – Rookie Magazine

Did anything surprise you about the movie when you saw it for the first time? There was a bigger me and a smaller me, and a bigger voice and a smaller voice.  Tavi Gevinson, another powerful young woman, interviewed Quvenzhané Wallis for Rookie Magazine. Read the whole thing over at Rookie.

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What Beasts of the Southern Wild Really Says-

Or, at least through the eyes of one viewer. From the By Way of Beauty blog, another take on the film: My favorite: “We’s what the earth is for.” This last quote comes right before the end of the captivating first few scenes, which reveal the celebratory spirit of life in The Bathtub, complete with…

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Bathtub Recipes

It’s feed-up time! Looking for a new dish to try out at your viewing party? You’re in luck! We’ve put together a miniature Bathtub cookbook full of home-cooked favorites from Maryland to Montague, a virtual package full of recipes from the Bathtub and party posters to jazz up your viewing party. Download our recipe book here….

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¡Bienvenidos a la Bañera Puerto Rico!

¡Saludos! Mi nombre es Jaime. Acabo de unirme al equipo de alcance de Beasts of the Southern Wild como Coordinador de Alcance para compartir con ustedes una gran experiencia cinematográfica y traer la atención de los puertorriqueños acerca de la película. Este viernes 23 de agosto tenemos el honor de estrenar Bestias del Sur Salvaje…

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Twitter Q&A w/ Dan Romer

Last night’s live Twitter Q&A with Dan Romer went totally above and beyond our wildest expectations. Dan is a Twitter tour de force and thank you all the participants for asking such fun questions.   In case you missed it, we put together some highlights from the conversation below.

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Beasts on Super Soul Sunday

It goes without saying that we’re incredibly humbled, mystified, and proud that our tiny film has caught Oprah Winfrey’s eye.  We’ve come so far! Sunday, August 26th at 11 AM EST/PST, Oprah will be spending a full hour with Dwight, Quvenzhané, and Benh on her multi-platform Super Soul Sunday. The show will air on OWN (your local…

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