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Bem vindos à Banheira, Rio!

Our newest bi-lingual Beast, Delila Fernandez, introduces herself with a guest post in Portuguese, English and images… Acima, o Pantanal e Manguezais do Brasil. Esses são dois lugares que Beasts me faz lembrar, em particular. O Pantanal, no Mato Grosso, é a maior região inundada do mundo. Os Manguezais são ecossistemas de transição entre o ambiente marinho…

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Benh Zeitlin wins the Louisiana Film Society’s Celluloid Hero Award

We’re proud to announce that on September 27th, Director Benh Zeitlin had the honor of receiving the New Orleans Film Society’s Celluloid Hero Award.  Gina Montana a.k.a Ms. Bathsheba was on the scene at the gala to document Benh, Dwight, and Quvenzhané accepting the award.

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American Exotic – The Economist

Maybe that’s how America should look on screen right now, I thought as I left the cinema. Maybe that’s the American genre now: magic realism. It used to be realism, at the movies as much as on the page, but the role of national chronicler has largely fallen to television these days. In another era,…

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Benh Zeitlin talks with the Sydney Morning Herald

Benh Zeitlin talks to Giles Hardie from the Sydney Morning Herald about showing the movie outside of Louisiana, the pigs, Miley Cyrus, and the “pile of movies” he wants to make.  

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Reel Lives New York and South Africa Q&A

Reel Lives is a New York and South Africa-based non-profit filmmaking program for marginalized, refugee and war-affected youth.  Groups from both NY and South Africa made trips to see the film and were joined virtually afterwards by Producer Josh Penn for a live Q&A via Google Hangouts. Excerpts of the Q&A between the Reel Lives participants…

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The Playlist Profile: Benh Zeitlin On Miracles, Fearless Filmmaking And ‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’

On making Glory at Sea: When they ran out of money for the second time, Court 13 threw a party at Buffa’s, their local bar/unofficial headquarters/living room, to show footage they’d shot so far, to keep spirits high before leaving town to rustle up more funds. This meant that the giant, moldy, “Katrina-ed” house they…

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Vulture’s Summer Movie Alphabet

Q — Quvenzhané Wallis: Look, we don’t know how many ways to tell you this, but you just need to go already and check out this young girl’s performance inBeasts of the Southern Wild. Beasts appears in Vulture’s Summer Movie Alphabet (two letters!).

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Meet Dwight Henry, Baker of the Southern Wild

How does your experience as a baker influence your acting?  With Wink, it actually showed some of my leadership qualities. The characters looked up to Wink and he had to be a sort of leader to this group of people. I was one of them old holdouts during Hurricane Katrina, protecting my store. Being an…

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Where Fantasy Meets Reality – Out of Order Magazine

OOO: The whole movie – shooting the movie, producing the movie – from what I heard it was a very hectic experience. How would you describe it? Zeitlin: It’s really physical. What I like about our shoots is that we set up so many obstacles that are so hard to actually get your shot. You…

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TimesTalk Madrid with Benh Zeitlin

It’s sort of like being a football coach. In a way it’s good practice for a director because often times you over-intellectualize what you’re giving to an actor but you have to talk very simply and you have to speak very emotionally [to a 6-year-old]. It wasn’t like she just walked onto set, we worked…

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