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The Confrontation Illustrated

We’ve seen some amazing interpretations of Beasts through both the artwork that you’ve submitted to us and that we’ve found across the internet.  As evidenced by these series of images from the Beasts community of artists, one scene from the film that seems to have a profound and inspiring affect on many of you is…

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Beasts scores in London, Abu Dhabi and Hollywood!

This weekend was filled with good vibes! Not only did we open theatrically across three countries, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland, we were playing in theaters or festivals in at least five continents.  And, to cap it off, the incredible and incredibly humble, Benh Zeitlin was awarded The Sutherland / Best First Feature at…

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Beasts at the Gotham Awards

Congratulations to Benh Zeitlin and Quvenzhané Wallis on their nominations for Breakthrough Director and Actor at this year’s IFP Gotham Awards.  To be acknowledged by and amongst our esteemed and talented peers is truly an honor.  But, we’re still in awe that this little film has resonated with so many of you.  Thanks to everyone. …

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The Girl from the Southern Wild

Elle magazine recently interviewed Beasts of The Southern Wild co-writer Lucy Alibar on her trials as a starving artist in New York City, her inspiration for writing Juicy and Delicious (the one-act play that was the springboard for Beasts), and how she managed to raise $650 dollars for a trip to Cannes. Hint: her going rate for…

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Illustrated Beasts!

Thanks to the power of the internet, we stumbled on this amazing Beasts inspired illustration by artist Cameron Lewis.  Naturally, we had to reach out to him and find out more about his work!  He had this to say: “With this illustration, I wanted to portray how Hushpuppy and the auroch were kindred spirits. They…

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Co-Composer Dan Romer on East Village Radio

Beasts Co-Composer Dan Romer stopped by East Village Radio yesterday to get into the details of his collaboration with Benh Zeitlin, how he recorded the majority of  the film’s score in his Brooklyn apartment, and the secrets of transforming a single violin into sixty. This program stream includes a selection of New Orleans inspired tracks, followed…

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What the world is saying about Beasts!

Though Beasts of the Southern Wild  is described by some as an American folktale, the struggles and triumphs of its story seems to be striking universal chords among audiences across geographical boundaries.   With the help of some bilingual volunteer Beasts, we’ve been collecting interviews, reviews, responses and insights about the movie from around the…

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Beasts at the Reykjavik Film Festival

Beasts of the Southern Wild has had the incredible honor of traveling across the globe, playing on screens and in front of audiences we never quite imagined possible.  This past week, we had the privilege of screening at the Reykjavik Film Festival where Beasts of the Southern Wild was awarded with the Golden Puffin, the…

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The Final Passage

As I stand by the bayou, I watch a ship as she disappears.  There, she is gone.  And we cry for this. But she’s not gone. She’s just as real as when she left me. And somewhere else, other voices are calling out, “Here she comes!” And that is dying. “Here she…comes!” — Final scene, Beasts of the Southern Wild …

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Wild At Heart Interview with Benh Zeilin and Quvenzhané Wallis

“When Zeitlin was writing the script, Hushpuppy’s role was smaller, and the film was more of a strange comedy than the drama it is now. “When you find someone like Quvenzhané, you have to be not precious about what you wrote to see that this is something extraordinary that you’ve found,” he muses. “You have…

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