Beasts of the Southern Wild

Beasts on Vinyl!

The Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack has struck a chord (pun intended!) with so many of you.  Whether the music brings you back to the film or resonates with you on a personal level, your response to the music has been overwhelming.

A co-collaboration between long time friends, Dan Romer and Benh Zeitlin, and featuring a track from the Louisiana based Lost Bayou Ramblers, the soundtrack was conceived and executed with the same DIY spirit of the film in mind.  In a recent interview with Artist Direct, Dan Romer recounts the recording process:

We were trying to make the sound of an orchestra using the smallest things we could, which was essentially one microphone up to one string player at a time. We did most of it instrument by instrument. We had every single piece on a separate track so we were able to tweak things to no end. In one case, we did end up building a completely new composition out of single pieces we recorded for other songs. That actually ended up being used over the levee scene.

The end product is a stand alone piece of music that manages to evoke a raw and emotional story of its own.  At least, that’s what you’ve been expressing to us!

And it’s why we’re so excited to announce that the Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack will be released on vinyl and CD on Tuesday, December 4th.

The vinyl is available for pre-order at this link.  You might consider purchasing it as a holiday gift for the music lover in your life!

In the meantime, check out the below featurette on the music of Beasts!



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