Beasts of the Southern Wild
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The Confrontation Illustrated

We’ve seen some amazing interpretations of Beasts through both the artwork that you’ve submitted to us and that we’ve found across the internet.  As evidenced by these series of images from the Beasts community of artists, one scene from the film that seems to have a profound and inspiring affect on many of you is…

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Illustrated Beasts!

Thanks to the power of the internet, we stumbled on this amazing Beasts inspired illustration by artist Cameron Lewis.  Naturally, we had to reach out to him and find out more about his work!  He had this to say: “With this illustration, I wanted to portray how Hushpuppy and the auroch were kindred spirits. They…

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Bathtub Artists

Above illustration by Julian Birchman. Beasts was made with the fundamental belief that a creative community of friends is the best recipe for good art. From songs to poems to paintings, we’ve been totally in awe of the art that people have produced in response to our film.  We’re slowly building an archive of all the…

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