Beasts of the Southern Wild
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The Creators Project on Beasts

The Creators Project produced a series of in depth videos on Beasts of the Southern Wild including featurettes on the Aurochs, cinematography and soundtrack. While you can find them posted throughout our blog, we thought it would be nice to view them all on one page/post. Enjoy! MAKING OF BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD PART I…

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Behind the Cinematography of Beasts of the Southern Wild

Our friends at The Creators Project sat down with Cinematographer Ben Richardson to discuss his approach to shooting Beasts of the Southern Wild.  Early on, Richardson and Director Benh Zeitlin agreed that the camera should be both “interested and reactive”, giving the cinematographer freedom to capture anything that caught his eye or rather, anything he thought…

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Benh Zeitlin & Ben Richardson

Director Benh Zeitlin and Cinematographer Ben Richardson talk about finding each other, nicknames, and Czech animators in Los Angeles.

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The Post Lab’s Interview with Ben Richardson

Cinematography Geeks! The Post Lab interviewed our very own Ben Richardson about film stock, labs, workflow, and how exactly he went about shooting Beasts of the Southern Wild.  What were some of the visual references that inspired the look of the film? There’s a 1970’s short documentary called Dry Wood, by Les Blank, that had a…

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Ben Richardson’s Seed

Beasts of the Southern Wild Cinematographer Ben Richardson co-directed and co-animated this 2010 short film with Daniel Bird, wherein an egg and an apple vie for the attention of a transistor radio.

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