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Beasts of the Southern Wild at the White House!

On Wednesday, February 13th, the cast and crew of Beasts of the Southern Wild including Quvenzhané Wallis, Dwight Henry, and Benh Zeitlin, were invited by the First Lady Michelle Obama to screen the film and participate in a talk back with 80 students from the Washington, D.C. and New Orleans area. We can’t begin to describe…

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From Baker to Beasts and Back

The New York Times recently sent journalist Melena Ryzik to visit Dwight Henry at his now famous bakery, The Buttermilk Drop, down in New Orleans.  Mr. Henry reveals that while he was hesitant to take the role (in fact, he turned it down twice), it was the Beast team’s adamant belief in his talent that…

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Live Performance of ‘The Bathtub’ at LAFCA Awards

This past weekend, Beasts received two awards at the Los Angeles Film Critics Associations annual awards ceremony.  Our favorite baker, Dwight Henry, was recognized as Best Supporting Actor of the year, while Benh Zeitlin and Dan Romer received the Best Music/Score honor. To celebrate, LAFCA, invited Benh, Dan and the New Orleans based, Lost Bayou Ramblers, to…

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Buttermilk Drops come to NYC!

By now, many of you are familiar with the story of how Dwight Henry was cast as Wink in Beasts of the Southern Wild. A baker by profession, Mr. Henry, owned a dessert cafe, The Buttermilk Drop, across the street from the Court 13 production office where Beasts producers would often meet for coffee.  After…

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Deleted Scenes from Beasts of the Southern Wild

Here’s a tiny taste of some of the deleted scenes and special features on the Beasts of the Southern Wild DVD / BluRay released December 4th! You can get your very own copy right here. In this moving excerpt from the ‘Making Of’, Director Benh Zeitlin rallies his crew the night before filming, encouraging them to…

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Meet Dwight Henry, Baker of the Southern Wild

How does your experience as a baker influence your acting?  With Wink, it actually showed some of my leadership qualities. The characters looked up to Wink and he had to be a sort of leader to this group of people. I was one of them old holdouts during Hurricane Katrina, protecting my store. Being an…

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Beasts on Super Soul Sunday

It goes without saying that we’re incredibly humbled, mystified, and proud that our tiny film has caught Oprah Winfrey’s eye.  We’ve come so far! Sunday, August 26th at 11 AM EST/PST, Oprah will be spending a full hour with Dwight, Quvenzhané, and Benh on her multi-platform Super Soul Sunday. The show will air on OWN (your local…

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Beasts in Dallas

“The funniest thing was all of us wearing nice clothes on the French Riviera, cause thinking back three years, you know, we were getting ripped up by mosquitos in our wife-beaters and shorts. So [where we are now] is as far as you can imagine from where we were when we were making the film….

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Local Beasts

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and as such, it took a whole community of talented people to bring Beasts of the Southern Wild into this world. And as our little film grows bigger and shines brighter, the people who helped make it and the community that Beasts was…

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Talking with Matt & Dwight

Q: Matt, as producer, you know they say ‘children and animals,’ tough to work with… and water, you had the trifecta — plus a bunch of other stuff, in terms of this film. How was it for you? Matt: It was tough, i mean, it was a tough shoot for everybody. We shot for 7…

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