Beasts of the Southern Wild
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Screens that Beast it!

New Kiggins Theater. Vancouver, WA. Photograph by Kyle Hinze You may have already heard, Beasts of the Southern Wild is coming back to theaters in the United States for a limited time starting TODAY. Not only that, we’re headed back to theaters across Australia, Poland and United Kingdom and continuing to spread the love in every…

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Hungarian Beasts

Üdvözlünk titeket a Teknőben, magyarok! Since our first public screening at the Sundance Film Festival back in January 2012, Beasts of the Southern Wild has screened in every continent on the planet with the exception of Antarctica.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with international distributors whose enthusiasm for Beasts we are forever grateful for. Our friends…

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Hushpuppy in Denmark

It’s our first release of 2013. Beasts of the Southern Wild opens in Denmark on Thursday, June 3rd as Hushpuppy. Check out the local listings here. If you have friends and family in Denmark, please encourage them to catch the film in theaters!          

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Beasts Across the World!

Beasts, we’ve been around the world and back, from the southern coast of Australia to the northern most island off of Norway.  We recently welcomed France and Belgium to the Bathtub. And this week, we’re so excited to include Germany, Switzerland and Austria into the fold. Whether you saw the film at an early screening…

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¡Bienvenidos a la Bañera Puerto Rico!

¡Saludos! Mi nombre es Jaime. Acabo de unirme al equipo de alcance de Beasts of the Southern Wild como Coordinador de Alcance para compartir con ustedes una gran experiencia cinematográfica y traer la atención de los puertorriqueños acerca de la película. Este viernes 23 de agosto tenemos el honor de estrenar Bestias del Sur Salvaje…

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Beasts of the Southern Wild -The Prague Post

The plot is almost secondary to the cohesive network of very naturalistic overtones onscreen, though the events are certainly significant. Around the time of a hurricane, which may or may not be Katrina, on a bayou around New Orleans called “The Bathtub,” Hushpuppy and Wink do their best to survive the daily turmoil of living…

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