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The Girl from the Southern Wild

Elle magazine recently interviewed Beasts of The Southern Wild co-writer Lucy Alibar on her trials as a starving artist in New York City, her inspiration for writing Juicy and Delicious (the one-act play that was the springboard for Beasts), and how she managed to raise $650 dollars for a trip to Cannes. Hint: her going rate for…

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Benh Zeitlin talks with the Sydney Morning Herald

Benh Zeitlin talks to Giles Hardie from the Sydney Morning Herald about showing the movie outside of Louisiana, the pigs, Miley Cyrus, and the “pile of movies” he wants to make.  

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Meet Dwight Henry, Baker of the Southern Wild

How does your experience as a baker influence your acting?  With Wink, it actually showed some of my leadership qualities. The characters looked up to Wink and he had to be a sort of leader to this group of people. I was one of them old holdouts during Hurricane Katrina, protecting my store. Being an…

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Quickflix interviews Benh Zeitlin

Going back to Quvenzhané, were you concerned at all about dragging, I believe, a then six-year-old girl through some pretty emotional trials? It’s a tough part. BZ: Yeah, you know, it was a real long process of trying to make sure that she felt comfortable going to those places and it took a little bit of…

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Benh Zeitlin on Meeting New Orleans

Co.Create: Tell me how your crush on New Orleans began. Zeitlin: Marriage, more like! That’s more a reflection of the volatility of our relationship. How did you two meet? We met when we were children. Seriously, I went there as a kid with my parents. That was probably the crush phase. It had such an…

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Benh Zeitlin & Ben Richardson

Director Benh Zeitlin and Cinematographer Ben Richardson talk about finding each other, nicknames, and Czech animators in Los Angeles.

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The Hollywood Reporter Interviews Benh Zeitlin

Zeitlin: People ask me a lot why I think the film is connecting so broadly. I feel like in the modern world, people’s connection to their own culture and history is very tenuous. It’s not just the threat of climate-based catastrophe like in Louisiana or Japan, but you also see yourgrandmother’s garden turning into a Jamba…

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Tribeca Film Interviews Lucy Alibar

TRIBECA: What was your initial impetus for writing Juicy and Delicious? LUCY ALIBAR: I wrote the play right when my dad was starting to get sick. Usually I’m a pretty in control person and pretty poised, but for some reason I couldn’t really process it; it really threw me for a loop. So I started writing…

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Beasts on Super Soul Sunday

It goes without saying that we’re incredibly humbled, mystified, and proud that our tiny film has caught Oprah Winfrey’s eye.  We’ve come so far! Sunday, August 26th at 11 AM EST/PST, Oprah will be spending a full hour with Dwight, Quvenzhané, and Benh on her multi-platform Super Soul Sunday. The show will air on OWN (your local…

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The Post Lab’s Interview with Ben Richardson

Cinematography Geeks! The Post Lab interviewed our very own Ben Richardson about film stock, labs, workflow, and how exactly he went about shooting Beasts of the Southern Wild.  What were some of the visual references that inspired the look of the film? There’s a 1970’s short documentary called Dry Wood, by Les Blank, that had a…

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