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Beasts of the Southern Wild at the White House!

On Wednesday, February 13th, the cast and crew of Beasts of the Southern Wild including Quvenzhané Wallis, Dwight Henry, and Benh Zeitlin, were invited by the First Lady Michelle Obama to screen the film and participate in a talk back with 80 students from the Washington, D.C. and New Orleans area. We can’t begin to describe…

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Reel Lives New York and South Africa Q&A

Reel Lives is a New York and South Africa-based non-profit filmmaking program for marginalized, refugee and war-affected youth.  Groups from both NY and South Africa made trips to see the film and were joined virtually afterwards by Producer Josh Penn for a live Q&A via Google Hangouts. Excerpts of the Q&A between the Reel Lives participants…

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TimesTalk Madrid with Benh Zeitlin

It’s sort of like being a football coach. In a way it’s good practice for a director because often times you over-intellectualize what you’re giving to an actor but you have to talk very simply and you have to speak very emotionally [to a 6-year-old]. It wasn’t like she just walked onto set, we worked…

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Michael Gottwald at Athens Ciné

Producer Michael Gottwald answered questions at Ciné in Athens GA, August 2012.

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Twitter Q&A w/ Dan Romer

Last night’s live Twitter Q&A with Dan Romer went totally above and beyond our wildest expectations. Dan is a Twitter tour de force and thank you all the participants for asking such fun questions.   In case you missed it, we put together some highlights from the conversation below.

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Beasts in Dallas

“The funniest thing was all of us wearing nice clothes on the French Riviera, cause thinking back three years, you know, we were getting ripped up by mosquitos in our wife-beaters and shorts. So [where we are now] is as far as you can imagine from where we were when we were making the film….

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BOTSW Director Benh Zeitlin’s UStream Q&A

On Saturday, August 4th, we hosted a live Q&A with BOTSW Director Benh Zeitlin. Benh fielded questions submitted by Facebook and Twitter fans of the film, giving an intimate look at the film’s language, character, history and his living room.

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Talking with Matt & Dwight

Q: Matt, as producer, you know they say ‘children and animals,’ tough to work with… and water, you had the trifecta — plus a bunch of other stuff, in terms of this film. How was it for you? Matt: It was tough, i mean, it was a tough shoot for everybody. We shot for 7…

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Beasts of the Ukrainian Wild (or: “Звери дикого Юга”)

Q: How do you deal with hygiene in the movie? A: [Quvenzhané] is very very clean in real life, so what we would do is we would give her this fake dirt, that we would put on her, but then we would throw her in the mud. But as long as there was fake dirt…

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