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Feast of the Southern Wild: Oscar Edition!

We’re going to the Oscars, y’all!! It’s been a crazy journey for our ragtag little Beasts family, one we truly consider you to be a part of. That’s why we’re asking you to take part in the celebration with us. Feast of the Southern Wild is back for Oscar night. Let’s take a moment to toast ourselves! The…

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A Beast Feast!

If your planning a Beats of the Southern Wild themed watch party, you may want to check out some of these tips. We scoured the internet for some inspiration for your Bathtub worthy bash. MUSIC Every party needs some tunes to set the mood.  There are obvious choices like the Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack…

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Feast of the Southern Wild!

Join us on Friday, November 23rd for an evening of food, friends and film! In celebration of the Beasts of the Southern Wild on demand release, we’re asking you to host a post-Thanksgiving Day Beasts watch party in your home! Get creative with leftovers, or if you want, we can send you our Bathtub inspired,…

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Watch Party at Sweet Lorraine’s

Our New Orleans watch party at Sweet Lorraine’s was a blast. A huge thank you to Marianna, our amazing outreacher who organized the party with Dwight Henry. There were some incredible highlights, from everyone in the bar chanting “Beast it!” to the cheers whenever group shots with a lot of people from the film were shown….

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