Beasts of the Southern Wild

The Confrontation Illustrated

We’ve seen some amazing interpretations of Beasts through both the artwork that you’ve submitted to us and that we’ve found across the internet.  As evidenced by these series of images from the Beasts community of artists, one scene from the film that seems to have a profound and inspiring affect on many of you is the confrontation between Hushpuppy and the Aurochs.

These artists were gracious enough to let us share them with you.  We hope you’ll take a moment to click through to their websites and find out more about them!

The above image was designed by Kyle T. Webster.  Kyle has illustrated for major publications in the United States, and his artwork has appeared on beer bottles, music posters, billboards, apparel, buildings, banners, doughnut boxes, magnets and buttons, menuboards, wine bottles and wine glasses, people’s skin, book covers, and even in the form of a giant corn maze.

You can find him at


The above illustration was sent in by Carmen Mason of the UK.  She’s currently in her 3rd year at the Arts University College at Bournemouth studying Animation Production. Carmen tells us, “I was totally captured with the film Beasts of the Southern Wild from start to finish, and then all the way home, where I took up my sketch book and drew my favorite image of the film. To me this is the moment that Hushpuppy faces her fear and realizes she and the Auroch are essentially the same force of nature, both rare, almost extinct creatures of strength.”

Check out more of her whimsical illustrations on her blog.

And, finally, we love this rendering from Los Angeles based photographer, Eddy Densow.  He says, “I wanted to do a vector illustration that would portray the size of the Auroch compared to Hushpuppy and her calm composure when face to face with one. I took a more “minimal” approach using the negative space to kind of create the outline of the Auroach and using the same technique to show the small, yet unafraid Hushpuppy.”

Eddy can be found at

Does this scene (or any others) inspire you?  Tell us how through the medium of your choice and we’ll feature it on our blog.

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