Beasts of the Southern Wild

Wil Kristin knows how to Beast it!

When we decided to hold a contest to celebrate the Beasts Blu-Ray and Vinyl release, we never could have anticipated the degree of creative and touching responses we would receive. We were truly moved and inspired by the volume of people who came forward with ways they find to beast it! everyday. We circulated the entries amongst director Benh Zeitlin, Beasts producers and outreach staff and needless to say, it was incredibly difficult to decide on five winners.  In fact, all were our favorite in one way or another. 

Each of the letters, videos, and photos from our fellow Beasts struck a chord in us, and we are grateful and humble that they not only allowed Beasts to play a significant role in their life, but have allowed us to share their story with the rest of the Beasts family. 

Wil Kristin from Portland, Oregon was selected to win the big Beasts gift pack.  Here’s his letter to us:

I lost my father to cancer this year. After it happened, it seemed every film I had watched somehow was dealing with a parent dying, but it wasn’t until I saw Beasts that I truly and deeply felt a strong emotional connection.

Sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly, I have been promoting the film to friends, colleagues and anyone that I deeply trust or know is in need of some healing.

Multiple friends have come to me leaving lengthy voice mails about how much I would love the film (they know me well).

Finally, it’s been such a tough year for my family. The film carries extra weight for us because Dan Romer produced my twin brother’s album, and the guys from his band performed a song from it at my Dad’s memorial.

I invite you to watch that video (last one on the page) and skim through the other material I cut together the night before my father’s memorial.

In the first video, you’ll see that my dad was the only punk in the beginning of the Terminator to Beast a nude Arnold Schwarzenegger. Through the memory of my dad’s positive spirit, I will continue to Beast the pain of losing him so early in my life.

Thanks to the whole Court 13 team for a truly rewarding experience.




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  1. Susan Dukow

    We are saying goodbye to our 96 year old father who took a bad turn yesterday. In speaking to the Palliative Care Team at the hospital I asked if anyone had seen Beasts of Southern Wild and quoted, ‘Everyone loses the one that made them. The brave men (women) stay and watch it happen.” The team was very taken by this line in the film.

    We lost our Mom (91) last year and indeed watched it ‘happen’… and when our brother asked about ritual of cleansing her body at the mortuary by the special group of Jewish women, the Rabbi said it could be arranged. My sister and I asked if we could do it… the Rabbi a bit stunned said, ‘Of course’… and my Sister, Mom’s caregiver and I did this ritual ourselves… dear sweet Mom – one more bath by those who loved you so very much. This was/is our Beast Story.

    I may be late for the contest, but since I just found this and Dad is making his transition in the next few days, I wanted to share this story right now. Thanks.

    Jan 4, 2013 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

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